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Nappy Bag (The First Bed & Diaper Bag)

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The Only Expanding Diaper Bag in the World 🌎 

Yes, you heard it right. The WATERPROOF Nappy Diaper Bag stretches out to a cozy bed for nap time in Just One Minute!! 

Wear The Nappy Bag HOWEVER You Choose!

✔️ Shoulder Bag
✔️ Backpack
✔️ Latches onto Strollers (Hooks Included)

Better sleep for babies means better sleep for the whole family! 

A CLEAN, WINDPROOF, and PRIVATE surface, ANYWHERE.  (30" Length)

Heat Insulated Front Pockets 

The front milk bottle compartment is separate from the main pockets and is layered with a foil keeping the contents warm.



Wear it as a Backpack, Shoulder Bag or Latch it onto Any Stroller!

Every feature is designed to make motherhood just a bit easier. We know you're very BUSY, even if it isn't your first time.


Organization and Space is Key 

Nappy Bag is a functional and convenient design with ample storage for every scenario. Always have the essentials whether you are a jet setter or a stay at home mom. We got you covered.

Comfort and Utility 

A breathable, anti-sweat backing feels comfortable during those hot summer days.

Specialized pockets designed specifically for you and your baby.

Stroller straps that let you take the weight off your back.

The Nappy Bag Diaper Bag is designed to look like a sleek designer bag yet we utilized the internal space to fit all of your and your baby's necessities. The breathable walls of the expanding section are loose enough to allow your baby to freely wiggle their arms and legs.

Supports babies up to 6 months of age

Weight: 3lbs

You'll always be prepared for nap time!

The Nappy Bag is the perfect private area for your baby. You might be at a picnic or at an airport, with the Nappy Bag, you are always ready as a parent. 

Be THE FIRST to experience this ALL-IN-ONE Diaper Bag!


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